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Announcing the forthcoming publication of

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Product Design Best Practices

50 industry-inspired best practices for quality products

For engineering capstone courses and practitioners who want to create quality products. Publication Summer 2024.

Avionics Engineering

Our Mission

The product design process is constantly evolving, resulting in new best practices. Studying the best practices used in industry gives the best methods and tools of today and the foundation for developing the next generation of best practices.

About the book

Product Design Best Practices combines mechanical, electrical, and software design processes integrating traditional, Lean, and Agile methods into a compendium of the 50 design best practices used in industry.

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about book

About the Authors

This book was developed by two professional design engineers and design process educators, plus a design engineer with a significant web presence. They all have designed products and have worked with companies to develop and refine the processes they use to develop successful products.

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The first author’s book, “The Mechanical Design Process,” has been used widely since 1992 and is in its 6th edition. The second author leads a major mechanical engineering program at a research university, and the third has a highly subscribed web channel on practical design methods.

The book is complete with forms that can be used with the methods and industrial case studies showing their use in successful organizations


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